Flipkart launches Voice Search feature with Hindi, English support to Its Mobile Apps

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  • Mar 01,2023
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Flipkart on Thursday officially launched the Voice Search feature on its e-commerce platform. The functionality is available in both English and Hindi languages.There is, however, a high chance of the company adding support for more regional languages in the future.

Flipkart earlier offered voice assistant functionality on its platform but was restricted to the grocery services. Now the Walmart-owned e-commerce giant is expanding voice search support to its primary app.

Flipkart has been adding new features to give users the ultimate online shopping experience. So now, to give users the option of searching for products using their voice, Flipkart has added an AI-based voice assistant to its app. The company announced the feature via an official tweet on Twitter.

“Once a user gives a command, the automatic speech recognition recognises the voice and converts it into text. Here, the Natural Language Understanding tries to identify the intent and entity from the keywords given in the command. These keywords are then picked up by Flipkart’s state-of-the-art search engine, which fetches results for the customers in a fraction of a second,” Flipkart explained.

Flipkart further said that its Voice Search merges these technologies with existing text-based search capability. The technologies also help the app better understand natural language-based long and complex queries made by users in different accents.

“As a homegrown e-commerce company, Flipkart understands the heterogeneity of the Indian market and is committed to solving for the next 200 million users online while catering to the needs of all users to make e-commerce more inclusive. Voice search, along with some of the other initiatives by Flipkart, will make the digital commerce experience more convenient, accessible and seamless for the new wave of online shoppers,” Jeyandran Venugopal, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Flipkart said in a release.

So, with the introduction of the new voice assistant, Flipkart aims to make the online shopping experience faster than ever. And with the support for the Hindi language, the Voice Search feature could truly be a game-changer.

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