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A Privacy Check For Facebook Account | Reduce Ads

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  • Feb 02,2023
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Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms comprising 1.6B users. This surely makes it a great platform for advertisers to gain some audience retention for their products.

Facebook keeping this in mind runs ads for the advertisers and shares some usage analytic data with the companies so that they can run ads to target their actual audience. Recently we have also seen WhatsApp policy update which will help FB to get some precise information about the users that are not on FB but use WhatsApp.

Many of us might be moving away from FB due to lots of ads popping up due to which you miss out on updates from your friends and family, and I am also one of them, who left FB just due to hell lot of ads in my feed. But this method will let you control ads on your feed on FB and Instagram and let you keep them clean so that you can enjoy cleaner feeds.

Steps to get rid of ADS on Facebook to some extent:

Facebook Settings

1. Login to your Facebook account on PC, and hit the top right corner down arrow, and click Settings and Privacy

2. Click on Privacy Shortcuts

Facebook Ads Settings

3. Scroll Down to Ads Preferences and click See your Ad Settings

Data Collection Options

4. You see all the options related to the advertisement. These are the settings you should play with.

Personalised FB Ads

5. Click on the first option Data Collection. Here you choose on which platform you would like to see Personalised Ads. Though Facebook mentions this will not reduce the number of ads, but surely this will do make a positive impact.

Advertisers Reach

6. Now go to the most important option in Step 4. Click Ads Shown Off Facebook. Here you can disable the option for the advertisers to reach you through ads. This is the one that will make a change. By default, it is ON, turn it off.

Category reach

7. Now from Step 4 options choose Categories used to reach you. You can choose your information to be shared with advertisers for targeting. Do give this time and tweak your advertisement.

Audience Based Fb Ads

8. Now go to the remaining option Audience-based advertisement. This will contain a list of companies to which you have ever interacted either you liked their post or page or commented on them either on Page post or ads.

These are the steps by which you can tweak your Facebook ads and can reduce them to some extent. Hope this will help you to get relief from ad busy Feeds on your Facebook and Instagram.

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