Is Samsung ditching Tizen for Wear OS?

  • Feb 26,2022
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Recently for some reason, Samsung and Google are getting closer. Last year, they came together for development of smart home appliances. The recent Samsung Galaxy S21 replaces the Samsung SMS app with Google messages and also provides user with Google’s discover feed.

Now according to the trusted whistle-blower Ice Universe, its recent tweet suggests that Samsung may be planning on ditching its Tizen OS in its upcoming smartwatches.

Samsung’s last Android watch was the Gear Live, launched back in 2014. That time the Wear OS was also known by Android wear. Since then, Samsung has shifted to Tizen OS. Samsung has utilized Tizen OS on its smartwatches, the last Galaxy watch 3 being a success. Tizen has grown since 2014 and reached a stable position with many liking the it in terms of performance and experience.

Now for some reason, Samsung supposedly wants to go back to android. Perhaps maintaining the software is a burden, but for a giant like Samsung it seems a reason we would keep aside. The Wear OS now seems to be run on a very few top tier smartwatches with very few reaching the mark. Google’s acquisition of Fitbit and Pixel smartwatches are expected to carry the flag forward but until then, this Samsung-Google friendship seems to be putting the former on track in terms of smartwatches.

As for the ‘new smartwatch’, it is still not clear whether it will be the Galaxy watch 4 or another model in the affordable Active series.


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