Don't Touch Me : WhatsApp Hack

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  • Dec 16,2022
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Facebook-owned messaging application WhatsApp is a big platform, millions of users are registered with WhatsApp and use it as a daily messaging application. Recently, a bug has been discovered in WhatsApp as before.

We have encountered several bugs in the form of trick in the development period of WhatsApp.

This is "Don't Touch Me" bug is almost the same as earlier ones, previously a message containing a long text is sent over WhatsApp users and have their WhatsApp get hanged, the message can be anything from multiple emoji's messages to incompatible symbol or character which is not easily processed by WhatsApp and hence results in hanging of the application of the smartphone.

This "Don't Touch Me" message is somewhat special in this, we only have 3 words: - "Don't", "Touch", "Me" which is easily processed by WhatsApp Algorithm but still we are facing hanging issues. We have the answer to this, the reason behind this same as before, there is a long text message before and after "Don't Touch Me" message which is unrecognizable by WhatsApp Algorithm.

For knowing the reason behind this we have done a few things:

  1. Email the chat containing the message
  2. Opening the text file in MS Word
  3. Changing several font styles we get some results.
  4. We apply Marlett, Webdings, and Symbol font style available in Microsoft Word one by one and we have found several results which are here at the end of the post.

After all these, we can conclude that there is a long series of unrecognizable characters before "Don't Touch Me" message and hence this is the reason behind the hanging of WhatsApp Application or even the phone.
WhatsApp tries to process the unrecognizable text but fails to do that and hence shows blank spaces before and after Don't Touch Me WhatsApp message, but when you touch on that message it again processes the same and bring the application to a halt. 

WhatsApp Don't touch me

* NOTE: This is not limited to WhatsApp only, you can send this message "Don't Touch Me" over any messaging application in Android even with text messaging application (default) tends to hang so this may not be a proper bug of WhatsApp rather it is system-related i.e system has some difficulties in processing it that is why every application is hanging.
So, let's see if Google fixes this with its coming Android Security patch or WhatsApp fix this for their application only.

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