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Domino's India 10 lakh data breach and leaked

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  • Apr 19,2024
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Several companies have fallen victim to cyber-attacks lately. Reports of companies like MobiKwik, Facebook, Upstox, etc. Now the latest case is from Domino’s India which is said to have suffered a data breach where information such as customer data including phone numbers, names, and payment information including credit cards are compromised. 

According to Alon Gal co-founder of an Israeli cybercrime intelligence, the hackers have access to Domino’s India 13TB of internal data which includes employee details of over 250 employees across verticals such as IT, Legal, Finance, Marketing, Operations, etc.

Data breaches have become very common these days with recently Facebook and LinkedIn getting embroiled in such data theft incidents. Even last year, prominent Indian companies saw a massive data breach amid lockdowns and pandemics. The sensitive customer data is available on sale for 10 BTC or $5,69,000.

Aside from breaches and hacks, many companies in the country also exposed their user data due to vulnerabilities. The supply chain automation platform Bizongo was last week reported having had server misconfigurations that exposed its 2.5 million internal files and data belonging to its clients.

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