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Check out the top 5 features of Vivo’s Origin OS

Vivo recently scored very poorly in lookup association Counterpoint's have confidence rating for 2020. According to their findings, solely 24 percentage of Vivo telephones offered between the length Q3 2019 to Q2 2020 have been up to date to Android 10. By the first appears of it, Origin OS looks a large shift from the preceding FuntouchOS as there is an exchange no longer simply in the aesthetics however additionally in phrases of functionality, too.

It ought to be referred to that this is the agenda for Open Beta updates, and is solely relevant for the China location for now. The agency is but to announce OriginOS, its features, and the roll-out agenda for Global markets. We will maintain our customers up to date as quickly as we get any data on the Global roll-out schedule. Origin OS comes with 26 navigation combos that can be accomplished by simply clicking and operating, and they cowl nearly all mainstream operation methods. It additionally offers convenient get entry to SuperCard — a cellular charge tool.

Revealing its new Android customized layer at its developer convention in China, Vivo stated the new pores and skin will supply customers a smooth, convenient, and impervious experience. Vivo comes up with its new customized UI skin, showcased this Wednesday at the developer convention in China. Needless to say, it additionally runs on the pinnacle of Android and is a substitute for the presently handy Funtouch OS.
The very first seem to be at the newly developed Origin OS will simply remind you about iOS. Our assumption is the new Origin OS took thought from iOS a lot. The cause is its domestic display screen with a lot of customizable widgets. Vivo named it the Klotski Grid system.

A massive proportion of telephones nevertheless stay on Android 9 Pie, and a great chunk is caught on Android Oreo as well. The agency used to be additionally known as out for being inconsistent with its safety patches as well. The new OS sports activities behavioral wallpaper, or what Vivo engineers name overall performance wallpaper.

Top 5 Features Origin OS are:

1. Klotski Grid

2. Nano Alerts

3. Live Wallpapers

4. Enhanced Memory Fusion Technology 1.0

5. Multi-Turbo 5.0

1. Klotski Grid

Vivo is introducing a new Klotski Grid with the OriginOS. The company has taken inspiration from Klotski puzzles a famous sliding block puzzle game that features square/rectangular pieces. The Klotski grid gives your home screen a cleaner look and as per the company, it is more efficient in comparison to home screens on other UIs out there.

2. Nano Alerts

Nano Alerts are the tiny popup widgets on the OriginOS. With nano alerts, Vivo aims to bring relevant details such as upcoming flights, weather information, courier tracking, and more right on your home screen. The ability to show these Nano alerts even on the lock screen (always-on display) is a cherry on top. These nano alerts get updated in the background to bring the latest important updates.

3. Live Wallpapers

Live wallpapers are is another feature that we have seen across multiple UIs in 2020. Vivo is jumping on the bandwagon as it is also bringing live wallpapers to the OriginOS. Though Vivo’s approach with Live wallpaper seems quite good. Instead of showing surfaces and planets, Vivo has decided to show weather elements in form of live wallpaper. If you have a habit of trying different types of wallpapers, Vivo introduces performance wallpapers, that can change as per users’ behavior.

4. Enhanced Memory Fusion Technology 1.0

Apart from visual changes, the new OriginOS also features several changes under-the-hood. Vivo is introducing a three-step process called Enhanced Memory Fusion Technology 1.0. The enhanced memory fusion technology 1.0 aims to provide a better and smoother experience with the three-step process, which includes memory integration, process optimization, and application pre-loading.

5. Multi-Turbo 5.0

Multi-Turbo 5.0 is another feature that aims to make performance smoother. The Multi-turbo 5.0 is a combination of application preloading 2.0, intelligent app freezing technology 2.0, optimal resource allocation, and more.

Other features of Vivo OS are:

1. Navigation 

Origin OS allows users to operate the Vivo smartphone with 26 navigation combinations. If the number is git to you, what will be your reaction when I inform you that you can also customize all the functionalities side by side.

2. Performance Enhancement 

Apart from the easy access to all the services, Vivo also takes care of the performance. This part is managed by Multi-Turbo 5.0, a memory optimization tool. It can free up to 3GB of RAM for usage by arranging data to the internal storage.

3. Payment facility 

The global pandemic forces us to go with online transactions. If you are a Vivo user, after getting the Origin OS update that experience is going to be smoother. The UI always will keep your most used payment option at your fingertip. Thanks to its SuperCard facility.

4. Wallpapers

OriginOS also comes pre-loaded with live wallpapers that depict blooming flowers. OriginOS also provides you an option to set your own live wallpaper, but your chosen wallpaper will change a bit to depict varying light and shadow effects.


Apart from the above-mentioned features, Vivo has also added a new pull-down menu. This menu takes users to a control center that lets the user control their IoT devices. Vivo has also integrated critical public alerts such as earthquake alerts, pandemic information in the OriginOS.

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