Krafton is working on PUBG Mobile instead of PUBG New State in India

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  • Mar 22,2024
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The most played mobile game in India PUBG Mobiel would bee soon relaunched again. The parent company Krafton said that they are working on PUBG Mobile for a launch in India. Recently, they have opened PUBG Mobile: New State registrations over the world except for India. They said that they are not planning any launch of PUBG Mobile New State in India.

According to reports, Krafton is in continuous touch with the Indian Government for the re-launch of PUBG Mobile without having any Chinese company intervention. The government has not yet confirmed anything about the re-launch of the game in India. Krafton, however, is reportedly trying hard pretty hard to re-launch the title in the South Asian country.

Moreover, it is clear that PUBG New State registration is not opened in India, hence they are not planning for the same. From a Developer's point of view. Instead, they will wait for the Indian government to allow them to re-launch the old PUBG Mobile title which the Indian gamers love and adore.

“With Krafton doing everything it can to prepare for the launch of a new PUBG app specifically developed and serviced for India, it has decided not to include pre-registration for PUBG: New State in India,” a Krafton representative reportedly said in a statement.

Being a popular mobile game, developers are trying hard for the game to get relaunched in India.

Commenting on the topic, the head of Corporate Development at Krafton, Sean Hyunil Sohn reportedly said, “I cannot tell the timing or anything because we don’t know yet. But what I can tell you is, we care about the Indian market greatly, and also that’s how I get to know you and get to know friends in the Indian gaming industry now. So definitely, we will work hard to make it happen.”

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