Blackberry is Dead Completely!

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  • Jan 21,2024
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The fabulous BlackBerry phones — which were veritably popular the once — have been declared due numerous times over since their decline some ten times agone. But now, the company has blazoned that the phones will be "fully dead" after January 4.

According to CNET, phones running BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry7.1 software or earlier performances will "no longer reliably function" on carrier networks or over Wi-Fi reported.

It's reported that BlackBerry phones will be deprived of making calls, using data and transferring textbook dispatches, or indeed making exigency calls to 911.

According to The Indian Express, the company has stated “We thank our numerous pious guests and mates over the times and invite you to learn further about how BlackBerry provides intelligent security software and services to enterprises and governments around the world.”

Operating systems like the BlackBerry PlayBook OS2.1 and its earlier performances will be also suspended.

In 2020, BlackBerry blazoned that the company would “resurge and was all equipped", but unfortunately, Chinese Electronics Giant TCL Technology dumped it previous to 2020.

BlackBerry latterly partnered with Onward Mobility and FIH Mobile Limited to introduce new smartphones with the nostalgic QWERTY keypad.

But till the moment, there has been no sign of return and the promised new developments are remained to be witnessed. The return of BlackBerryOS is out of the question since more advanced phones are in the channel.


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