During the last 5 years, social media platforms are at their max, people are spending most of the time on Social Media by publishing various personal information so that they can share it with their family and friends.

This does attract various hackers, as there is a huge amount of personal data present over the social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram. LinkedIn etc.

There is a new scam surfacing over the internet where the hacker hacks user accounts using their contacts.

What is exactly happening?

In this, you will first receive an OTP from WhatsApp, as it's the standard procedure for the WA for verifying the user. You might get confused with your account and open up the WA to check why you have received the OTP, then you will receive a message from a friend asking for that code.

As soon as you pass them the OTP, BOOM your account is hacked, you will be automatically logged out and some other person now have the access to your account. This is because WA allows only one lastest account on one number.

How to Stay Safe from this Scam?

There is only one simple step to stay away from this type of OTP scams, NEVER EVER share any type of OTP with any person even your contacts if have no prior information. Even if you have prior information, before handing over the OTP, contact the concerned person and confirm once for the OTP, whether they have genuinely generated it or not.

Share this with others to make them aware of this scam.!!!!!!!!


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