Spotify with "Hey Spotify" Hand Free Activation command

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  • Apr 04,2024
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Various reports earlier suggested that Spotify is working on command to activate the hands-free mode, inspired by Google, Siri assistant etc. This time a person has received the notification to activate the feature.

This feature is useful in case of driving etc. The person received the notification for the feature and came up with the screens of setup. Setup is really easy and simple. If the Spotify app is running (listening to song etc) and the screen ON, the wake-up phrase will bring up the voice command mode and you can easily perform some tasks without touching your phone. 

Hey Spotify

The feature doesn’t really add any function outside of enabling Spotify’s own voice search for hands-free use.

Hey Spotify feature is launched for users of Premium version back in 2019, 9to5google has published the first spotting of this feature.

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