Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre resgistrations starts | Find Pre Registration Link and some details

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  • May 18,2021
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After a long period of yes and nos, finally, we have pre-registrations of Battlegrounds Mobile India to be live on the Play store. Last Year in the month of June, we have seen PUBG Mobile being banned along with several Chinese apps. At that time it was conveyed that Tencent being a Chinese Company has to share all the data of the user with the Chinese government whenever they ask for it.

This being the main reason for banning PUBG Mobile, Krafton took over the brand and plans to launch a special edition of the game to the Indian audience. This step is taken in view of the popularity of the title among the Indian audience.

In the path of bringing the game to the audience we have seen many leaks, statements, name changing but finally, the pre-registrations have begun.

Battlegrounds Mobile India

A few days ago Krafton has teased the pre-registration information with a trailer video, now on 18 May 2021, you can pre-register for the game.

Just follow the below link, this will take you to the official application or game made by krafton.

Link to Pre-Register=> Battlegrounds Mobile India

Follow the link and get yourself pre-registered so that as and when the game goes live, you can download it and have the taste of the new variant.

Note: There are no APKs for the game available just yet, so make sure you don’t fall for scammers spreading fake APKs for the upcoming game. Download Battlegrounds Mobile India from the Play Store or the official Battlegrounds Mobile India website.

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