Apple Wants iPhones to Detect Car Crashes Auto-Dial 911

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  • Dec 23,2023
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As per the recent reports if you have an iPhone or an Apple watch then it could automatically dial 911 if you meet a car accident or crash.  Apple may add these features in 2022, and to be called 'Crash Detection'. 

Currently, there is fall detection, which is activated when the user is unresponsive and falls. This feature has helped many users affected by a car crash. Hence, Apple decided to launch a new feature, especially for car crash detection. As per the statements, Apple may launch this feature in 2022. It is expected that this feature could be included in both the iPhone and Apple Watch to help as many people as possible who meet through an accident. 

For the accuracy of the detection algorithm, the company is collecting anonymously shared data from the iPhone and Apple watch users. For the serious car crash indication, the 911 calls are prioritised in the research work. Apple has signed various patents while considering the same topic.



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