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YouTube: Find specific video moments more easily

YouTube spotted testing a new feature to see specific video moments as thumbnails for convenience and saving time by skipping to the desired part of the video, as of now  Premium members can try

WhatsApp Multiple Updates Announced : Group calls and much more!

In the last few months, the popular Meta-owned messaging platform WhatsApp has made news by adding new and widely requested features in its Beta releases. Many other features, including as enhanced

What is Discord Slow Mode, and How to Enable and Configure Slow Mode

Community servers such as Discord can lead hot discussions and if userbase is large then, multiple messages will popup and makes the entire experience bad. Keeping this in mind Discord has slow mod

Google Releases New ‘Disable 2G’ Feature

Google has putatively rolled out a new point that allows druggies on new generation Android smartphones to disable any 2G network connectivity. The point is available in select Android bias, including

Android Dual Sim Support Started

Back in 2019 with the launch of Android 10, Google added dual SIM support on its pixel photos. However, the company took two years to announce the multiple SIM cards support in Android Auto. After a c

Top 10 New WhatsApp Features of 2021

WhatsApp highlights have been carried out because of the commencing of the month, and there is something else to follow. WhatsApp has been considered dealing with a modest

Apple Wants iPhones to Detect Car Crashes Auto-Dial 911

As per the recent reports if you have an iPhone or an Apple watch then it could automatically dial 911 if you meet a car accident or crash.  Apple may add these features in 2022,

WhatsApp new Feature that you should take a look

The Facebook universe has become a child of META, and we have seen in past that Facebook is moulding all its children to have similar features. We have seen this with Instagram and Facebook reels. Now

Top 10 Hidden Windows 11 features

Windows 11 and if you already have the replace of Windows 11 function then you can improve freely friends. At existing I have additionally upgraded my laptop computer to Windows eleven and its going f

Instagram Starts Testing “Take a Break” Feature

Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri said Wednesday that the platform is testing the long-awaited Take a Breakpoint to give druggies monuments when they’ve spent a long time on the platform. &ldquo