Apple promoting iPhone 13 Launch Through AR Easter Egg In Sep 14 Event Invite: How To View

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  • Sep 23,2024
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Apple has confirmed that it will hold a launching event on 14 September to unveil the Apple iPhone 13 series. 

It is well known that Apple will be bringing the iPhone 13 series since Apple did not mention that it will launch the iPhone 13 series during the California streaming event. However, the company has provided some indications on its next major launch via an official invite that features an augmented reality (AR) experience. 

Apple has used easter eggs which are AR-based to advertise its new upcoming products launch.

In this year, the AR-based easter egg comes into activity when users will visit the Apple Event website and click on the September 14 California Livestream invite from their iPad or iPhone. On clicking if, the AR apple logo will appear over the user's camera viewfinder.

Now users can pinch in to watch at the lake landscape and then move the device to search for a 9.14 launching date.

Apple has also included some sound effects. The AR logo uses Apple's ARKit that is already installed on the iPhone or iPad. Hence, users can't experience this on Android devices or laptops and computers.

As per the reports, this AR logo shows that the upcoming Apple iPhone can bring some next level of AR experiences. The whole iPhone 13 series will feature Light Detecting and Ranging (LiDAR) scanning technology.




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