Apple Privacy Smart Glasses Developed

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  • Dec 01,2023
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Apple has decided to develop a pair of high tech glasses that will prohibit any strangers from peeking into your iPhone's screen. As per PatentlyApple, the company has signed a patent for "Privacy Eyewear", a set of smart glasses that will display the content of an iPhone only to the one who is wearing those smart glasses.

Talking about the working of smart glasses the company has not discussed the details yet but if a user needs privacy they can purposely blur the graphical output of the iPhone. The specs will then work as a 'key' to "vision-correct " the display. Apple is supposed to unveil its first mixed reality headset in late 2022, along with the launch of the iPhone 14, hence it is expected that the company may integrate the privacy feature into its high tech headgear.

According to PatentlyApple's report, Apple is also working on a next-gen version of Face ID that will be good at differentiating all the different and new features of a user's face, including their beard, glasses and hairstyle. We all know that every year Apple files more than a thousand patents and many of them end up compiling dust, but in this case, it seems that smart glasses may be about to evolve as the next big obsession of big tech.


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