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150 Scam Apps In Playstore Removed

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  • Dec 04,2024
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Google has discarded approx 150 apps from its Google Play Store. These apps were in the garb of camera filter, keyboard, and different utility-based apps. And these apps would sign users for costly premium SMS service.

These apps were discovered by Avast, a cybersecurity firm. Reports claim that these apps were downloaded over 10.5 million times across the world. Further, these apps were just replicas in functionality to steal users' confidential data and money in the background. The UltimaSMS is not just fixed on a particular location but it exists in several nations all over the world including Poland, US, UAE, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. When a user installs the app, the app checks the location, phone number, and IMEI number to indicate the language of choice and country area code.

Before starting the app ask for the phone number and even email ID to provide access. And once the user gets access to it and subscribes the number to premium level with expensive charges of $40 for a month, the app doesn't provide the features it is supposed to be and crashes together. Now after all this if the user uninstalls the app the damage is already done.

Hence, there is no point in uninstalling the app. Avast advised deactivating the premium SMS features with the operator to make UltimaSMS Scam unsuccessful. Also, before downloading any app users must read all the instructions and about the app carefully. 


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