Apple New Maps Coming Soon

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  • Nov 19,2024
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Apple has rolled out the 3D city views in the Maps app. Users can now pinch and zoom out their way across the three-dimensional render of London. Apple has accessed this feature for San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. This feature will be facilitated in Washington DC, Philadelphia and San Diego by the end of this year. Next month Apple is bringing new 3D maps to Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver to Canada. 

In this 3D maps feature, users can see elevation details throughout every city. Also, it will show the new roads, landmarks like the statue of liberty, Roy Albert Hall in London and LA:s Dodger stadium. It also has a nighttime mode to cast a moonlight spark over the maps at dusk. 

Apple claims that the map app will soon offer modified navigation through carplay. It will be easy for public transit riders to get through. When the user enters the route the app will notify the time of the bus or subway. Users can also see step by step walking paths in augmented reality after determining the position by scanning the nearby building. 




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