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Xiaomi NFC Strap Launched

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  • Nov 19,2024
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Along with the launch of the CIVI smartphone, Xiaomi has also announced some of its smart ecosystem products like the MIJIA Treadmill. This MIJIA Treadmill is the first treadmill launched by Xiaomi under the MIJIA brand.

The treadmill focuses on fitness and it has a folding design which makes it easy to store even by a single person. All it takes is just a knob, the treadmill is easily folded. When folded it is about 19.2 cm thick and it has rollers to move it from one corner to another corner to store. 

The Treadmill has a seven-layer structure along with a super shock absorption effect. Its running area is 480mm*250mm, with smooth running. The treadmill has a soft rubber running belt which increases the friction stability and also protects your knees to avoid injury. 

Furthermore, it comes with a built-in 1.25HP high-torque and a low noise motor. It greatly reduces the running noise. 

As per reports this MIJIA treadmill also supports a smart speed regulation, hence it doesn't require having a personal trainer. You can do running at home on the MIJIA treadmill without a personal trainer. The interesting thing about this treadmill is that it can connect with your smart home appliances like air conditioners, speakers, air purifiers and TVs. Isn't it helpful? You can enjoy your running without any hindrance and control your home devices. 

The price of the MIJIA treadmill is 2,499 yuan.  




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