Apple iPhone 13 Screen Replacement Disables Face ID

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  • Nov 16,2024
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In an investigation by iFixit, it is found that 

iPhone 13 display replacement by any other third-party repair shop can completely disable the Face ID functionality. It is considered a deliberate step by Apple to make iPhone users stop going to any kind of third-party repairs.

iFixit has elaborated on how the iPhone 13 completely disables its flagship Face ID functionality when its display will get replaced. It contains a small microcontroller that is required to be paired with the new replaced chip and this can only be done by using secret software that is only authorised to the Apple repair team to have access to it. It means any other third party repair workers will not be able to fix the iPhone display without having major sources or new equipment. iFixit says that this will require new equipment like a microscope, a hot air rework station, a high-resolution webcam, flux, necessary BGA stencils, and a fine-tip. As per iFixit, this kind of monopolistic behaviour by Apple is not new. This time the company has created a problem for the local repair shop guys. 




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