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Schott Xensation Alpha Glass Developed

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  • Nov 09,2022
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The German multinational glass company SCHOTT AG, is going to make the most durable smartphone display. The new glass cover by the company under the name - Xenation Alpha will offer the best durability for wearables and smartphones. This new cover will offer safety to Vivo's upcoming flagship devices next year. The recently launched Vivo X70 Pro series also contains a protective cover glass by Schott. According to Schott, the cover glass Xenation Alpha is a unique combination with significant improvements in case of drop resistance.

This all is because of semi-metal boron with industry-standard ingredients Lithium and aluminum for added strength. In comparison to other LAS-based cover glass, this new cover glass is said to have improved drop resistance, especially in effect with sharp-edged and rough surfaces. 

As per various durability tests performed by Schott, it is revealed that the Alpha cover glass is less sensitive to scratches than commercially available lithium aluminosilicate (LAS) and aluminosilicate (AS) cover glass types. This means that the new smartphone and wearables containing Schott's cover glass will provide better protection against minor scratches and damages. There are many brands like Vivo and oppo which feature Schott's cover glass. 




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