Apple A14 Bionic boost up with ultrasonic speed

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  • Aug 22,2024
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The A14 Bionic is an important chipset for Apple, as it is apparently planning to release four iPhone 12 models this year. Additionally, a considerably more powerful version is expected to debut in the company's first ARM-powered MacBooks, which should be arriving before the end of the year. This is a type of improvement that is insane and not only on the CPU front but also the new chip will deliver 50% better GPU performance than A13. Qualcomm even cannot come near to Apple’s performance, as the Snapdragon 865+ is already 25% behind Apple A13 in the single-core performance and so if this rumor comes out to be true then Qualcomm might face huge problems to keep with the Cupertino giant.


The leaker also says that the A14's GPU will be 50% faster than A12's. With the arrival of Apple Arcade, GPU performance has become all the more important and the purported improvement will surely elevate the gaming experience a lot.


What do new chipset offers?

5nm based Apple A14 Bionic chip will be almost 40% faster than A13 in CPU performance. There’s not much time left before Apple’s formal announcement of the upcoming A14 Bionic chip, which will first feature on the new iPhone 12 series, but now we have some leaks suggesting the performance of these flagship SoCs. Thanks to the prolific Apple insider @komiya_kj who has brought some info about the upcoming chipset.

It's almost a given that the new chip will be made using Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC)'s 5nm process and this in itself is enough to guarantee better performance and improved efficiency. If you still need numbers, a popular leaker has got them.


Overall, if the leaks are to be believed the next set of 5nm based Apple Silicon chip will be truly powerful, and now as Apple will be using their own ARM-based chips for Macs, these performance gains might be game-changing for the company. Apple is one of the few smartphone-makers who make their own SoCs, so obviously there are a lot of expectations from them, hopefully, we will get more info about these new A14 chips in the coming days.

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