Amazon Alexa Dangerous Challenge Are Out

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  • Jan 19,2024
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Amazon's popular virtual assistant, Alexa is not developed to risk human lives but over the weekend that's what it did. Recently a news story came out in which a 10-year old girl touched a live electrical plug with a coin. 

The suggestion was given by an Echo smart speaker when a girl asked for a challenge to do.

Alexa replied, "put in a phone charger in a plug about halfway into a wall portal, then touch a coin to the revealed prongsā€. The Amazon spokesperson told the media folks that the error had been mended now. 

The girl's mother, Kristin Livdahl who lives in the U.S, described the whole incident via Twitter on Sunday. 

As per Amazon's spokesperson, a is developed to give relevant, helpful and accurate information to the users. As soon as they came to know about this incident they took immediate action to fix the issue. Gary Marcus, an Artificial Intelligence expert said that the incident tells how AI systems still need common sense. 

The Potentially lethal challenge which failed had begun to appear on Social Media platforms like TikTok, about one year ago. It's very dangerous as metal conducts electricity and putting a coin into a socket can result in severe electric shocks and fires too. 

Technology has made our lives easy, but it is still dangerous sometimes. Hence, we should be more aware and careful while using such technology. 



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