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YouTube to MP3 Converter - Free Tools to Convert YouTube to MP3

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  • Sep 16,2024
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YouTube to mp3 converter - these free tools to download mp3 from YouTube will help you to convert any YouTube video to mp3 file. Convert YouTube to mp3 so, you can enjoy your song offline. This article will guide you through all best free tools to convert YouTube to mp3. You are not restricted to these tools to convert YouTube to mp3, but these are some of the top-notch and tested YouTube to MP3 converter.

Video converter or File converter are tools that are used when you are not able to open a video in some particular format say FLV files etc. In some advanced converter tools, you can also change the size of the videos or in simple words, compress the video files. At present, most of the tools offer a variety of files format to work with like MP3, MP4, FLV, AVI, and many more other formats.

You can also use these tools to download videos from various platforms, as most of these support all popular applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and many more. These utilities allow you to maintain the top-notch quality of videos. The best part of these tools for converting videos to mp3 is the user-friendly user interface and easy navigatable platform. If you fear complex steps, these tools will get your work done really easily in no time.

The best free tools to help you to easily do YouTube to mp3 conversion.

YouTube to mp3 Converter

1. iTubeGo


This is one of the cool and multipurpose tools which can do YouTube to mp3 for you. The best part of this tool is that you can easily convert YouTube to mp3 on the go using your Android Device. iTubeGo is available for free for Android devices as well.

The interface is simple and doesn't require any effort. The UI is clean and straightforward, so you can easily do YouTube to mp3 conversion.

Due to the wide support of platforms such as Facebook, Vimeo, TikTok, etc you can easily download your favourite videos. This tool also supports 8K video download you can trust this tool for quality. Moreover, you can use iTubeGo tool to download and convert Spotify playlists to mp3 and enjoy songs offline.


2. 4KDownload


4KDownload will help you to convert YouTube to mp3 with ease. This tool provides a dedicated utility tool for your needs. You can easily download YouTube 4K video and do a YouTube to mp3 conversion. Using this platform, you can download YouTube playlists as well as a complete YouTube channel.

This tool is compatible with all of the platforms as iTubeGo, but it has a management feature built-in. This management feature will help you to categorize the files, so in future, you can find them easily. A convenient proxy set is also available with this platform, so you can convert YouTube to mp3 with few clicks. In order to do the conversion, all you need to do is just paste the link of the file and your work will be done in just a blink of an eye.


3. YTD Video Downloader

YTD Downloader

People consider this tool to be the best one for doing YouTube to mp3 conversion. In my opinion, the tool is good no doubt but sometimes, you might find it difficult to get your work done. So why we are listing it here?

The answer is quite simple, for an average user, it is the best tool for YouTube video downloading. This is because of the simplest user interface and few clicks action. You can be able to download videos in various formats like mp3, WMV, and many other formats.

You need to note that, this tool for YouTube video downloading is available only for Windows, so you cannot use this in the case of Mac or Android.


4. VideoProc


This tool is basically a video editor but can get your things done really easily. This tool is dedicated to more powerful users. The UI might be confusing for you as this tool provide the one-stop solution for video and audio. But can easily do YouTube to mp3 conversion. Being a video editor, this tool supports over 400 file formats.


5. 9Convert


Among all tools for YouTube to mp3 conversion, 9Convert would be the easiest and simplest one. All you need to do is just paste the link of the YouTube video and it will download the video, convert YouTube to mp3, and YouTube to mp4.

It provides a variety of options such as, renaming files and changing video quality. Being an online platform, 9Convert is an operating system independent tool for YouTube to mp3 conversion.


YouTube to Mp3 Conversion FAQs

How to convert YouTube videos to Mp3?

  • This is really simple, all you need to do is just choose one tool and paste the link of the video. The tool will provide you with video details and options which can be performed. All you need to do now is just choose is convert YouTube to mp3.

How to download mp3 from YouTube?

  • Downloading mp3 from YouTube is really simple. All you need to do is just choose a tool that can easily download and convert YouTube to mp3 and you can have mp3 format of the YouTube video.


These are some best tools that you can find to do YouTube to mp3 conversion easily. These tools are being picked considering an average user so that the user can easily get away with its work of converting YouTube to mp3.

All of these tools are capable of providing all powerful tools for converting and downloading YouTube videos. Due to the availability of tools like these mp3 conversion from YouTube videos is now really simple. Let's check the complete list in order of simplicity and features:

  1. iTubeGo
  2. 9Convert
  3. YTD Video Downloader
  4. VideoProc
  5. 4KDownloader

So, that's all for the list of YouTube to mp3 Converter tools, if you face any issue just comment down and we would love to help you out. Also, check out our Reward system made with love for your precious people.

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