YouTube Rolls out Features for Streamers

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  • Jul 15,2022
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YouTube is a big video uploading platform. People are on YouTube for many reasons. Some of them are streamers, people who came live to entertain or provide information to their viewers. Streaming popularity or the number of streamers has been increased manifold in the last few years, keeping this in mind YouTUbe has started working to provide features to make the experience better and can counter Twitch.

What are New Updates on YouTube?

Talking about updates, YouTube has added various options: subscriber-only chats, support for live polls, and the clip feature to help streamers and game creators improve their live stream sessions.

These exclusive features are developed keeping Twitch in mind so that YouTube can counter it. We have many such features on Twitch and now YouTube has started given similar features to streamers to hold them on its platform.

New YouTube Features for Streamers

1. Clips

The clip feature is inspired by the Twitch platform. The clip feature is there on Twitch for a long time and now YouTube has given it to streamers on its platform.

YouTube Live stream Clips

The clip feature provides the viewer to clip their favorite part from the running live stream of duration 5 seconds to 60 seconds and save it or share it with friends. This feature is made available for users having 1000 subscribers or more. When enabled, the Clips feature will add a clip icon on a streamer’s live stream video on YouTube. Viewers can simply tap the icon to record an iconic moment of a live stream. It will loop repeatedly on the original video’s watch page and all the views and other metrics of the viewers’ clips will be attributed to the streamer. Streamers can turn on/ off the Clips feature from the settings in YouTube Studio.

2. Subscribers-Only Chat

Currently, we have options for public chat and Members only chat on YouTube. Members Only Chat blocks every user from commenting on the stream, streamers use this to block unwanted and offensive comments that spoil the experience of other viewers.

YouTube Subscribers only Chat

Though this feature makes the subscribers feel bad as to participate in Members Only Chat they need to have a paid membership, but now YouTube is providing streamers to go for Subscribers-Only chat. This feature will block non subscribed users from commenting and if they want to comment on something all they need to do is become a subscriber which is free, but with a twist, streamers can choose for how long users must be subscribed before they can send live chat messages on stream.

I personally feel this feature will help the streamer to improve their subscribers count. Do check this community post on How to Enable Subscriber-only chat.

3. Polls

YouTube Polls Live Stream Feature

Polls are something that helps the streamer to know what the majority of their viewers want to see or what they think about something. This feature is also available on Twitch for a long time. Using this feature, streamers can conduct polls on different topics during their live streams.

Check this official guide on How to work with Polls on Live streams.

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