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Xiaomi patents wirelessly chargeable TWS earbuds accessory

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  • Aug 23,2023
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The patented design will likely support Xiaomi TWS earbuds only as every true wireless earphone differs in how that can be charged. Xiaomi has recently patented a smartphone accessory that attaches to the smartphone and not only stores the ear-buds but also charges them. The accessory will be of two variants: One will be made for charging Air-pod like ear-buds. The other will be made for Samsung Galaxy Buds-like earbuds.


As you can see from the patent images, the charging accessory has two slots to place the true wireless earbuds. The charging accessory comes in two different designs – while one is meant for Realme Buds Air-like stem earbuds, the other is for Samsung Galaxy Buds type earphones with no stem. There is no way to say whether Xiaomi will actually launch this product in the future. However, it could be a while before the functionality finds its way to Xiaomi smartphones.


Xiaomi always holds this idea of bringing out the best possible technology ahead of its time. Keeping this in mind, Xiaomi has recently brought out the Fastest wireless chargers. This wireless charger charges 57% (2280 mAh) in 20 minutes and 100%( 4000mAh) in 40 minutes. Hence this new patent will once again add the power and prestige to Xiaomi.


The CNIPA patent is for a charging accessory that attaches to the back of the phone and has a holder to place TWS earbuds and charge them via the phone’s reverse wireless charging feature. The patent description reads, “This appearance design product is a mobile phone accessory, which can be installed on the mobile phone, used to store the earphone, and charge the headset.”

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