Windows 11

Microsoft in the year 2015 after the release of Windows 10 conveyed that this will be the final release of Windows and no more Windows series will be seen in future. Though there would be incremental updates with minor and major changes, the series will remain Windows 10.

Owing to the discussions on the Internet, Windows 11 will be seen in the coming months. The next Sun Valley Update which is the major update for Windows 10, various platforms suggest that Microsoft will be calling it Windows 11 instead of traditional Windows 10 + some month updates.

CEO Satya Nadella recently confirmed that Microsoft is working on next-gen Windows OS and it’s going to be “one of the most significant updates.”.

A big event from Microsoft has been scheduled for June 24 where we can expect the next-generation Windows. The mist from the name of Windows will be clear in that event as well.

Windows 11 Poster

The teaser that was posted indicates a major update in the Windows logo and according to Windows Latest, the poster marks some clue for the name as Windows 11.

A tweet from Evan Blass, also suggested that the upcoming version of Microsoft’s desktop operating system could be called “Windows 11”.

Till now, nothing is clear for a concrete conclusion, for this we have to wait for the event on June 24.


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