WhatsApp new Feature that you should take a look

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  • Nov 15,2024
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The Facebook universe has become a child of META, and we have seen in past that Facebook is moulding all its children to have similar features. We have seen this with Instagram and Facebook reels. Now WhatsApp is going to have some similar features as we have seen in DM's of Instagram and Facebook.

With its latest release of Beta version WhatsApp has shown that they are working on new Emotions on message feature. This is similar to Facebook Posts reaction and Instagram DM reactions.

WhatsApp new feature

Initially, there is no sense in developing this feature from WhatsApp but later we have seen some iOS beta users have message reactions and now it's time for Android beta users. To have this feature, you should be on the latest WhatsApp Beta version, be updated from Google Play Store to enjoy the latest things from WhatsApp.

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