WhatsApp disappearing messages coming to iOS


  • Nov 13,2022
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Earlier WhatsApp disappearing message is seen to may their way to Android users, now iOS users are getting the chance to experience this feature from WhatsApp. WhatsApp Disappearing message will let user to send text and media messages to Personal and Group chats that will disappear after a set period of time i.e. 7 Days. So, if you want that the message should vanish after 7 days as it is not significant after this period, then you can use this feature.

There are few people who can see this feature in their WhatsApp. This feature is a gradual one. You’ll also have to enable diapering messages for every chat individually. The step by step listed on WhatsApp’s FAQ page instructs users to tap the contact’s name within the chat and then enable the disappearing messages promptly. You can also turn this feature off.

A full guide on this feature is available on WhatsApp FAQ. Guide. 

When this feature will help you out?

  1. When information is less important after a while.
  2. You want your message should not be present on another person's chatbox.
  3. The significance of the message is time-limited or 1 week.

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