What are Browser Flags? Chrome Flags, Edge Flags and more

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  • Dec 20,2024
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You might have seen various guides stating that you can use various flags in your browser if supported, so basically what are these browser flags. You may also know people always talk about especially about chrome flags and more. In this section we will get to know what are these "Flags" and whether one should use them or not.

What are Browser Flags?

Browser flags or only flags are the experimental options which are there to enhance your User experience. These features are kept under experimental because they are not fully ready for stable rollout. Though you can enable them to have fun around.

These flags will surely make your User experience great, but mind that they are experimental and might be broken. Though you can easily revert back to original.

Is there any risk to enable Browser Flags?

Enabling these experimental features are extremely safe, you don't need to worry about anything. Though if you feel if you had broken something, then you can easily revert back.

What type of Browser Flags are present?

There is a massive list of flags specific to a browser, for example, Chrome flags, Edge flags etc. You will find lots of features that might be useful and can fulfil your need. There are flags related to anything from UI to performance and security. You should at least have a look at them.

What type of flags should I enable or try?

Choosing a feature is a subjective question though you can try from Productivity (Related to tabs) and security. These are some category in which you should look and try them. These might be the ones you are looking for. UI category is subjective I personally, don't like the UI changes that happen to my Browser.

Where I can find a full list of useful flags?

We have published a list of chrome flags and edge flags which you can have a look. This list will surely help you to find what you were looking in your browser.

NOTE: Some browsers support experimental feature only on mobile or PC and some support flags for both the platforms.

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