WD HDD vs Seagate HDD vs NAS HDD: Which One is Reliable?

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  • Sep 25,2024
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Storage plays an important role in today’s data-driven world. A small mistake, and all your data can vanish within a fraction of seconds. That’s why you have to carefully select hard disk drives or HDDs and SSDs to prevent data or memory failure. When it comes to reliable storage options, Western Digital and Seagate are two prominent manufacturers of HDDs and SSDs. Whether it’s an external hard drive or NAND-based hard drive or an internal one, you have to be careful about data recovery Dubai services.

On the other hand, NAS HDDs are quite in-demand. This kind of data storage device is attached to the network, and you have to access the network in order to get connected to the storage. NAS HDDs don’t directly connect to a computer. Seagate Data recovery Dubai and WD have introduced NAS HDDs already. Let’s have a look at which HDD will suit your requirements the most.

WD HDD vs Seagate HDD

Basically, hard drives come in two variants, and they are external hard drives and internal hard drives. The criteria while deciding which hard drive will be the best between WD and Seagate HDDs can vary depending on the external and internal drives. Let’s find out how WD Data Recovery Dubai hard drives are doing compared to Seagate external hard drives.

Comparing Western Digital and Seagate’s External Hard Drives

Before we go towards in-depth information regarding the hard drives from Western Digital (WD) and Seagate, let’s have some idea about their backgrounds. Western Digital is a USA-based computer hard disk manufacturer. Additionally, it provides different kinds of data storage options for residential and business purposes. And, Western Digital has been in the storage business for more than 50 years. In 2016, WD got hold of SanDisk, and the business is still growing. No doubt, WD has turned into a tycoon in the storage industry.

However, Seagate is also not left behind. Seagate Technology PLC, also a USA-based storage business, is the first manufacturer to introduce the 5.25-inch HDD. Seagate started acquiring competitors such as Conner Peripherals, Maxtor, and so on. Countless businesses rely upon Seagate data recovery Dubai to store, share, and handle sensitive data.

Both the manufacturers of external hard drives are excellent options for efficient data recovery Dubai and storage purposes, confirms the data expert from UAE Technician. Western Digital and Seagate provide a diverse range of external hard drives that differ in storage, connectivity, and other aspects.

If you have to pick an external hard drive from Western Digital, then you can go with the WD Passport SSD that comes with a 2 TB capacity. The speed is outstanding, and if you’re speaking about security, then this storage option offers you 256-bit AES with WD security software. If you need to go with a Seagate SSD, then you can opt for any Seagate SATA drive. However, they don’t provide encryption factors for security reasons.

In terms of connectivity, WD is a few steps ahead of Seagate. Because the manufacturer delivers wireless versions of external hard drives with in-built SD card readers and a capacity of up to 4TB.

Comparison between WD and Seagate’s Internal Hard Drives

The read/write speed is a significant factor in terms of detecting the best HDD from WD and Seagate. The faster the hard drive can read or write, the operations of the system will be well-paced. If we have to compare the speed, then we must say that Seagate’s SSDs are swifter than WD’s ones. For example, we checked the NVMe SSD from WD, and it delivered a read/write speed of 3430 MBPS. Whereas, FireCuda SSD, from Seagate, gave a read/write speed of up to 5000 MBPS.

Coming to the cost of these two hard disk drive products, the price of the storage device generally depends upon the storage capacity. However, Seagate is offering cheaper prices compared to the storage capacities. And, for instance, a Seagate Barracuda HDD of 8TB capacity costs the same as WD’s 6TB hard drive.

The storage capacity of Seagate’s top-most product is way higher than WD’s one. Both Seagate and WD offer HDDs at the NAS enterprise-level and regular ones. However, Seagate Barracuda Pro delivers a capacity of up to 14TB. But, the high-end hard drive from WD can offer a capacity of up to 6TB.

If you consider reliability, then Western digital hard drives tend to last longer than conventional platter drives. Western Digital drives fail less when compared to Seagate. However, hard drives will fail one day, eventually. It’s best to have a data backup or rely upon a trusted data recovery Dubai service provider.

What about NAS HDDs?

With the advent of data regulation and handling, a never-ending task on hard disk drives is required. Whereas regular HDDs can run for only a couple of hours every day. But, a NAS HDD can read or write data for weeks. On the other hand, NAS HDDs are designed for a RAID setup. And, RAID configurations are well-known for providing data protection against drive failures.

Both WD and Seagate manufacture NAS devices. You can also seek help from NAS data recovery Dubai. However, NAS devices are not a priority for Seagate, as it doesn’t hold a first-party NAS server. But, Western Digital does have a first-party NAS server.

On the other hand, Seagate only produces drives with NAS designs. If you want to use a Seagate drive to merge into a NAS server, it’s possible; however, the capacity won’t be that high. In case you want to go with a truly wireless solution, then there are plenty of options under Western Digital drives.

When to opt for NAS HDDs?

Enterprises are choosing NAS HDDs over regular ones not only for speed, performance, and storage aspects. Other deciding factors are extreme workload, thermal control, vibration withstand, mean time between failures, and much more. When you have to prioritize 24/7 non-stop operation, then you have to depend upon NAS HDDs.

On the other hand, closely nested NAS HDDs are meant to produce less vibration, noise, and heat. The thermal control is impressive, and you need not compromise on this due to light-blazing speed. Add-on services such as data recovery Dubai services, drive health aspects, warranty, etc., are possible for NAS HDDs. To prevent your hard disk drives from failure, switching to NAS HDDs is a wise idea. And, you can go with either Western Digital or Seagate data recovery Dubai hard drives based on your storage convenience.

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