Top 5 Android Games under 100 MB

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  • Nov 20,2024
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However, there are still many games that require less storage space on your phone and can even run without an internet connection. As mobile games are getting better each year, their storage requirements for mobile are also becoming more demanding. Here are some top five best offline Android games under 100 MB that you can enjoy in 2020. I had listed the top 5 offline Android games under 100 MB.

1. Gumslinger

Gunslinger is a game where you can emerge yourself in the gummy candy world and play some intense shootouts, showcase some shooting skill and play crazy gun missions. This game is the combination of competition physics, shooting skills and of course mouth-watering gummy candies. IN the gameplay of Gumslinger there are around 64 players from which there is only one winner. The game is the combination of amazing soft-body physics. you can unlock for a very wide range of guns and their styles along with amazing gun skins. There are lot of amazing mission in Gumslingers to which you can bounty hunt, you can check out different levels and environment along with that you will collect amazing rewards and achievements. Increase your level and climb the ranking system to the top.

Gumslinger even offered a popular tournament that the players could participate in.

2. Horizon

This game really helps in enhancing the focus of a mind by avoiding obstacle while you manoeuvre through the unpredictable world of Horizon! With your Jet ready to take off you can do some barrel rolls,  collect gems and travel as far as possible. Not only this there are like 100 challenge which you can play and complete to gather some experience and rank up on the rank list also you can collect around 40 ships which includes some secrets and unlock around 25 trails. along with this, you receive daily rewards and you can compare your high score with other players worldwide.

3. Slot Games

You can play this game offline and experience the slot machine straight from Las Vegas. this game offers big ones on our 40 real high quality, modern and other classic slots games seen before. Slots give you a bonus every 120 minutes that is two hours so that you can enjoy poker anytime.  you can get up to 120 face pains and place your bet in slot machines where you can spin and win big in this free casino game which is available absolutely free on Google Play Store.  as you are already aware Casino games are very interesting and fun along with that you win some cash too and are so addicted to it that other game just looks boring.

Those games usually can be found on most of the popular mobile casinos in India and many of them will offer you a free gameplay (demo) without the need of a deposit. When you’ll feel ready to start the action, you can try your luck and place a small bet.

4. Stealth Master

Don't let your daily routine bother you should download this musing action game stealth master which keep you entertained and also test your professional assassin skill so that you can take on the risk and challenge yourself on completing the deadly mission. Get the experience of a complete and unique life of a Ninja and kill as many as the bad guy you can.  there are countless deadly weapons and plenty of innovative features also billion dollars that half of the secret world that is waiting for you right now. Attend the best university of Ninja and writer thesis on how to kill someone in just 5 seconds and as soon as you complete your University School you can search for a job or an internship.

Every mission brings a new challenge and gets harder and harder and the number of targets and bad guys gradually increase. a wide variety of special feature that you can purchase like extra weapons, super abilities and full body armour. each one is unique and has some special killing skill that will help you in killing some bad guy.

you can also customise your avatar with some crazy look and they are around four characters to choose from. Always remember to be a good person and only fight the bad guy.

5. Rescue Wings

Scruffy the dog has taken up the firefighters’ call! Take a nostalgic trip through the beautiful great outdoors as you cruise through the sky in this thrilling forest rescue. Get ready to fly through the sky with plane, rocket-fuelled, stealth bomber and UFOs. Fly Scruffy as far as you can without crashing or missing a fire. The further you fly the greater the reward you get. Power up your load-out with 6 different boosts to aid your mission and unlock over 15 levels and be the best! 3 star them all to unlock the fiendishly difficult time trials.

According to studies, there are a lot of benefits of playing games which involves improves in coordination and problem-solving skills of a person and helps in enhancing memory and improving the brain speed. Not only this multitasking skills of a person also improves.  with multiplayer gaming, players also make some social connections.

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