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Tech Skills You Need To Know To Get An Edge In The Job Market

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  • Dec 09,2022
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Hiring managers and recruiters want to hire the applicants with the most relevant skillsets, making it no longer acceptable to satisfy the requirements for a position; you must exceed them. An excellent way to impress hiring managers is to have substantial experience with technical skills. Having technical skills will help increase your chance of landing a job because employers don't have to worry about training you in new systems. 


If coding skills sound like a jumble of letters, you will need to familiarize yourself with what the acronyms mean and which one will be most relevant to your current role. Once you pick a technical skill, you are well on your way to increasing your resume's prowess. Surprisingly, the skills are relatively easy to understand at the basic level but can significantly impact your work performance. 

Know the Basics of Web Design

Which Web Design Platform Is Right for You?

The company you work for, the school you attend, or the restaurant you frequent all have a website that users rely on for information. Not all websites are created equally; a poor website can quickly turn off the people visiting them, causing them to take their business elsewhere. Knowing the basics of web design can help salespeople, blog writers, and administrative assistants improve the outcomes of their efforts. 


HTML is primarily the work of a web developer, but many people will have a hand in altering what the underlying language tells the website to do and alter how it looks. Technically, HTML isn't a coding language but a markup language; the name hypertext markup language suggests as much. 


HTML elements affect the body structure of the text on a website. Without HTML, websites would look like one solid paragraph, which is hardly useful. By understanding the basics of HTML, you can ensure that the changes you make to your writing don't affect the website's appearance. 


Cascading Style Sheets, more simply CSS, is the key element that changes how a website appears to the users. The chief responsibilities of CSS are the fonts, colors, and layout of a website. Any alterations to the CSS of a website could create an illegible or confusing website for users.

Learning to Manipulate Data Will Give You an Advantage

The ability to manage data is a great way to get a leg up on other applications. Every industry and every position encounters data daily, making learning SQL an impressive skill on a resume for non-technical roles. SQL, or Structured Query Language, can help people sift through and organize large quantities of data. Teachers, salespeople, and grocery store managers can take advantage of the data collected from different inputs to make changes based on data. If data analysis piques your interest, Study Data Science helps people learn and land data scientist roles. 

SEO Will Help New Users Find Your Product

What Is SEO And Why Is It Important?

Most users on the Internet begin their journeys with a search engine. The entries at the top of a Google search aren't there by coincidence; the websites that meet the highest criteria of relevance, popularity, and quality are at the top of search results. Companies try to game these algorithms by optimizing their content for search engines. This process, called Search Engine Optimization, is helping companies grow their online presence. Google is constantly searching the Internet for keywords, images, or external links to your site to determine how relevant it will be to certain queries. 


Changes to HTML alter the way a page looks and how search engines read the page. Changing the headlines of a webpage to include relevant text will increase the chance of a high ranking on search results. There are dozens of strategies to create impactful SEO and increase the chance a searcher will find your website or product. 

Don't Wait Until You Are Looking for Work to Learn New Skills

If you wait to update your resume until you are looking for your next role or lose your job, learning new skills while looking for a new one can take the wind out of both efforts. If you are continually learning new skills, you will hit the job search with a renewed sense of confidence rather than praying for success. Update your resume as soon as you achieve a new milestone or learn a new skill. 


You can stay up to date with current job trends by learning about all of the in-demand technical roles. By keeping up with current trends, you can show your value to your current company or other companies that are looking for skilled professionals. 


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