Snapchat Brings 'Here for You' Feature in India, to Help Users Manage Coronavirus Anxiety

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  • Jul 10,2022
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The ongoing coronavirus pandemic situation has negatively affected the psychological well-being of a significant number of people across the globe, and Snapchat wants to help. After announcing in February this year, Snapchat has started rolling out its tool focused on mental health ‘Here For You’ in India.

The "Here for You" feature is out there for Android and iOS users in India, and it contains mental health resources provided by Mariwala Health Initiative and the Manas Foundation. The company said that the feature is part of a "concerted effort" designed to educate and empower Snapchat community "to look after themselves."

“Our videos discuss how to deal with stress and anxiety, how to support a loved one experiencing distress and ways to enhance mental well-being through mindfulness / grounding exercises,” said Raj Mariwala, Director, Mariwala Health Initiative.

Snapchat explained in a press release that the development of the "Here For You" feature happened after a research paper last year suggested various mental health issues faced by its users.

"Snapchat found an overwhelming majority of Snapchatters experience feelings of stress and anxiety and that their friends are the first people they turn to when they need help, more than professionals... The research also revealed that many young people are deeply interested in understanding these issues, and how they can support friends who are struggling with them," Snapchat's parent company, Snap, said in the note.

How to access Here For You in Snapchat

Users can access the "Here For You" section by searching with keywords such as anxiety, depression, loneliness, suicide, mental health and well being. Both Android and iOS Snapchat users in India can access this feature.



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