Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Supports S-Pen

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  • Nov 04,2024
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Talking about the trend, ICE Universe on Twitter has a great record on Samsung devices is confirming that the upcoming Galaxy S21 Ultra will pack an S Pen stylus. This is first we might see a non-note device from Samsung having S Pen support. This is something that we haven't seen till now. S Pen would make its way to the upcoming S21 Ultra and that the Galaxy Note series would eventually be replaced by the Z Fold lineup as soon as the next-gen foldable screens are durable enough to work with Samsung’s styluses. Seeing the trend from Samsung, they are might be in process of streamlining of their products. As there are many similarities between their devices.

The next series i.e. S21 series is hoping to launch on January 14 next year, which is the earliest launch ever. The most latest leak showcases an LTPO AMOLED display capable of doing 1440p resolution at 120Hz. Knowing the trend which is followed by Apple to not provide Charger in the box for environment protection. The same is being speculated for next upcoming Galaxy S lineup i.e. there might not be any charger in the box. But you might get Galaxy Buds bundled in the box.

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