Razer's launches Anzu smart glasses with blue light filtering

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  • Mar 26,2024
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The Razer Anzu Smart Glasses have a marketed 60ms low latency audio with the aid of a Bluetooth connection. There are contact controls on the temples that let you trade tracks, play or pause media, manipulate calls, and spark off voice assistants. You can pass by tracks, play or pause media, take convention calls and use your voice assistant with easy gestures. The app for the glasses is on hand each on Android and iOS and affords EQ customization to assist you to fine-tune your sound.

The glasses will come with rectangular and spherical frames. The glasses have a claimed battery lifestyle of 5 hours on a single cost and the energy off routinely when folded. The Razer Anzu Smart Glasses come with IPX4 water resistance that continues them protected from splashes and sweat.

Razer Anzu Smart Glasses have launched in the US. Razer describes them as open-ear audio glasses that additionally filter blue light, to minimize eye pressure from computer systems and different screens. Going with the aid of the layout though, it appears extra like there is a small audio system in the temples of the glasses, which provide directional sound aimed at the wearer's ears.

Also, Razer guarantees "more than 5 hours of battery life" and up to two weeks of standby energy when you are now not actively using the device. There's additionally an omnidirectional mic onboard so your callers can hear you. The glasses additionally come with a blue mild filter which Razer says can effectively filter 35 percentage of the blue mild in your on-the-spot surroundings. They are additionally ninety-nine percentage UVA/UVB polarised.

Razer has additionally partnered with Lensabl in the US if you have prescription lenses. There's additionally a cut price of 15 percentage handy to Anzu users.


Features of the Smart Glasses are:


Rethink eyewear with the Razer Anzu—open-ear audio glasses that protect your eyes and immerse your ears. With built-in speakers hidden in its frame, taking in the sights and sounds now has a whole new meaning. Available in two types of frames and two sizes


Its blue light lenses filter by 35% to protect your eyes, reducing eyestrain so they feel fresh and focused while enjoying entertainment or working, while the polarized replacement lenses shield your eyes from the sun with 99% UVA/UVB protection.


Its industry-leading 60ms low latency Bluetooth connection delivers a smooth, stutter-free sound that allows you to stay immersed without any disruptions from audio delay or skipping.


With the Razer Anzu, you can go hands-free when taking calls thanks to open-ear audio and a discreet omnidirectional mic built into its frame.


Change music tracks, play or pause media, manage calls, and activate your smartphone’s voice assistant—all from the glasses’ sleek touch interface.

shutting off automatically.


The Razer Anzu is designed to be splash-proof, so it isn’t affected by sweat and will work like a charm after meeting any unfortunate spills or weather.


1. How do I power my Anzu Smart Glasses on and off?

The glasses turn on automatically when the temples are opened. They turn off automatically when the temples are closed.

2. Can I use a voice assistant with my Anzu Smart Glasses?

Yes, a connected smartphone voice assistant may be accessed via the Anzu touch controls.

3. Can I use my Anzu Smart Glasses to make calls?

Yes, both voice and video conferencing calls are supported once paired to a compatible device.

4. What’s included in the box?

  • Anzu Smart Glasses with 35% blue light filtering lenses pre-installed.
  • 99% UVA/UVB protective polarized sunglass replacement lenses.
  • USB-A charging cable.
  • Cleaning cloth.
  • Carrying case.

5. Can I replace the included lenses with a prescription lens?

Yes! Razer has partnered with Lensabl to offer 15% off premium replacement prescription lenses. Choose your custom-made lenses at and use code RAZER15 at checkout.

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