OPPO’s HeyTap Health companion app is now available on iOS platform

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  • Apr 22,2024
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OPPO smartwatch and fitness band owners can now use their devices with iPhones and iPads as OPPO’s HeyTap Health companion app is now available on the iOS platform. 

The companion app records and visualizes fitness tracking data collected by OPPO’s smart wearables, offers customization options, and even syncs with Apple Health. iOS users can download the HeyTap Health app on the Apple store and use their Oppo wearables.

The app can be used to track SpO2 data collected by the OPPO Band, keep a check on your sleep schedule and quality, track your heart rate 24×7, and stay abreast of your daily activity goals. Moreover, the app enables notification support on iOS devices, which will let you check your notifications directly on your Oppo smart wearables.

The HeyTap Health app also lets you customize your OPPO Watch and OPPO Band’s watch faces and gesture controls. It also helps in personalizing your workout and health settings. The app offers support for 12 workout modes that include running, walking, cycling, swimming, badminton, cricket, yoga, and more. 

Before this, the app was only available for Android users. Now, thanks to the iOS release, OPPO Watch and OPPO Band users will finally be able to use their smartwatches with Apple devices.





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