OnePlus going to first-ever launch it’s TWS Earbuds in July

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  • Jun 18,2024
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Recent reports have indicated that the upcoming earbuds will feature Apple AirPods-like design. Beyond this, a new report just revealed the official name of the upcoming earbuds. OnePlus is likely working on its first true wireless (TWS) earbuds product. The company plans to launch its OnePlus TWS earbuds naming "Oneplus pods"  along with the rumored OnePlus Z smartphone. There's no word on any specs yet, or the name of these, but don't be surprised if they will be marketed as OnePlus Bullets Truly Wireless or something similar. It is a very popular design, with a lot of imitators, and it has a great advantage because of the presence of those 'stems' - the mics can be physically closer to your mouth, which should aid the people you're calling in actually being able to make out what you're saying.


                                                                                                    Source: Max J. on Twitter

The leaker claims the earbuds will be called the OnePlus Buds and feature a design that looks to be "inspired" by Apple's AirPods. While the design of the charging case appears to be slightly different, the earbuds themselves seem to be quite similar to OPPO's AirPods clone, the Enco Free. The Chinese company was speculated to bring its truly wireless earbuds alongside the OnePlus 8 series last month. However, the company didn't unveil the much-anticipated offering and instead ended up unveiling the Bullets Wireless Z as its affordable wireless in-ear headphones.

Design Description

  • This image comes with the text “Buds”/"Pods" along with an illustration of the upcoming TWS earbuds
  • We can spot the somewhat oval-shaped charging case along with an LED-indicator in the front
  • This LED-indicator will likely showcase the connectivity status and change color depending on the charge statue
  • The default color of the indicator seems to be Green as per the illustration
  • This wireless charging case will open from the top while housing the AirPods-like earbuds


  • These earbuds will also come with “L” and “R” markings towards the bottom of the stem
  • Check other design elements, we will see a familiar circular dome with the audio drivers, magnets, and possibly IR-sensor
  •  The IR-sensor will help the buds detect if the user is still wearing them for auto-pause or play features
  •  We have already seen such a feature in the OnePlus Bullets Wireless neck-back earphones

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