Windows is set to update its cloud copy-paste feature. Windows is planning to include a feature that will let the user paste the content without any formatting.

As you will be aware that invoking WIN+V will bring up the clipboard window, that stores the history of your CTRL+V event. Windows is working on this clipboard to enhance it so that it can be used to work with Emoji Gifs etc. Currently, it works for Plain text only.

Apart from this, new cloud functionality will be there so that you can copy from one machine and paste it on another machine, obviously, the machines should be running Windows 10.

The default action of the CTRL+V event can be somewhat handled by you using this clipboard. Currently, the text you copy and paste using CTRL+V bundles with the original formatting. i.e. Bold, Italic, etc. This will come in handy while making changes from your one-word document to another.

Windows 10 CLipboard UIImage & Content Source

In version 21H2, Windows 10 is getting native support for “Paste as plain text”, which means you can finally paste the texts in all of your apps without any weird formatting.

To use this new feature, you would simply need to open clipboard history (WIN + V) and click on the “Paste as plain text” option under the item. This will allow the text to match the formatting of the original document or the app.

Windows Clipboard will support Emojis

Windows Clipboard Emoji

Currently, Emojis are not there in Windows Clipboard but soon it will get the feature support for Emojis so that you can easily play around with them. This will make it easier for users to insert the media contents in WhatsApp, Messenger, emails, etc.


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