Microsoft Gives Clarification for Windows 11 System Requirements

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  • Jul 05,2022
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Microsoft has released its next-generation Windows on June 24, 2021. Coming with a lot of features and a new look and feel, Windows 11 surely going to make some differences. Currently, you can join Windows Insider Program to download the latest stable beta build of Windows 11.

With the release of Windows 11, Microsoft has pumped up the system requirements for Windows 11. These system requirements leave a majority of people running old PC, though capable, to stick to Windows 10 until 2025 (Life if Windows 10). Currently, Intel's 8th Gen and Zen 2 CPUs are considered to have Windows 11 running. Check for the list of supported Processors for Windows 11.

“We know it sucks that some aren’t going to be eligible for Windows 11, but the great thing to remember is the reason we’re doing [this] is to keep to devices more productive and [ensure that they have] security than ever before so they can stay protected in this new workforce,” Microsoft said.

Using telemetry data, Microsoft can easily check if your PC has the required hardware or not. In case, your PC doesn't have supported hardware you will see warnings on Windows 11 Update Screen.

“We don’t want all of the admins or all of the consumers out there to have to constantly be thinking [about compatibility],” Microsoft officials said. “What we’ve actually done is bring some of that enforcement inbox so rather than you having to even think about it, your device will actually be able to determine by itself before ever being offered [Windows 11] and wasting that download”.

Windows 11 System Requirements

In case if you are wondering for a Group Policy Editor method to bypass this warning, so Microsoft will be safeguarding all the methods to bypass these types of tricks to fully protect Windows 11.

“Group policy will not enable you to get around the hardware enforcement for Windows 11. We will block you from upgrading your device to an unsupported state since we really want to make sure that your devices stay supported and secure,” the company clarified.

Looking at the statements, it is very clear that Microsoft is in a strict mood of protecting its Operating System. No tricks would bypass the warnings and alert on the system, though you can bypass the TPM 2.0 requirement using the registry editor trick.

TPM 2.0 requirement seems to be not that important all you need is to have a supported processor. But the thing is, with the supported processor you get TPM 2.0 by default, so you will be meeting all the Windows 11 system requirements easily just by using a supported processor.

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