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McDonald’s Data Breached Exposed Customer Emails, Phone Numbers, Delivery Addresses and more

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  • Jul 22,2024
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The leaked information includes email addresses, phone numbers, and delivery addresses. As far as we know, no payment details were accessed. However, does that mean you are not being affected? The details of the breach in the two regions were the result of an investigation by external consultants following an unauthorized activity on the company's network.

After the unauthorized activity was detected on McDonald's network in South Korea and Taiwan, the company hired external consultants to look into the matter and they were the ones who unearthed details regarding the breach. Hired consultants found that the data had been breached in the U.S., South Korea, and Taiwan, including business contact information for U.S. employees and franchisees, information about restaurant seating capacity, and square footage of play areas, McDonald’s told the WSJ.

The company said it would use the findings from the investigation to identify ways to improve its security measures. Recent breaches by cybercriminals on hospitals and global companies including meat processor JBS and Colonial Pipeline oil have disrupted operations for hours, leading to worries of supply shortages.

Customers in South Korea and Taiwan did not fare as well. No ransomware monies were demanded in the attack nor payment made to hackers, McDonald’s said. It was unclear how many customers or employees were affected, but McDonald’s said the number was small. No customer payment information was affected, it said. Although McDonald’s said they will warn potential victims of the data breach and “further enhance existing security measures,” it is important to stay cautious. The burger chain said it will take steps to notify regulators and customers listed in the files.


According to McDonald's, its day-to-day operations were not affected by the data breach and the attackers responsible did not ask for any form of ransom. We'll likely find out more once the company and local law enforcement agencies finish their investigation into the matter.

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