iPhone Charging Cable that Steal Your Passwords

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  • Sep 19,2024
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Mobile devices are always on the verge of hacking, the main reason behind this would be the fact that we are now getting used to our mobile devices and store precious information on them. This makes them a valuable target for hackers. In past, we have seen many malicious Softwares and Spywares such as Pegasus Spyware that can easily steal information and send it our a remote location. But as we know with time things get advanced.

A security researcher whose name is claimed to be MG has invented a lighting cable for iPhones, that can easily steal your data when it is plugged into your device. MG said he had successfully moved the cables into mass production, and cybersecurity vendor Hak5 started selling the cables.”

Apple cable steal passwords

How iPhone Cable Hack?

The charging cables are called ‘OMG Cables’ and “they work by creating a Wi-Fi hotspot itself that a hacker can connect to from their own device. From here, an interface in an ordinary web browser lets the hacker start recording keystrokes,” as per report by Vice. The data consists of text that you have typed while the cable is been plugged in. Now, you can imagine, how dangerous it can be, you are browsing and viewing your online accounts and all your passwords and usernames are being transmitted to a hacker, now he can have easy access to your accounts.

The cable hack can be an easy target to aim for, as working professionals have their mobile battery down when they reach their stay place. So in this case they need to plug in the device to use it. If any important transaction needs to be done then their account will be compromised. As it is normal for them to use their phones while charging as the battery has been drained out.

Interestingly, the cables also come with “geofencing features” allowing users to “trigger or block the device's payloads” depending on where it is being used. "It pairs well with the self-destruct feature if an OMG Cable leaves the scope of your engagement and you do not want your payloads leaking or being accidentally run against random computers," MG told Vice.

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