Important Android 12 Features that you should know

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  • Feb 23,2024
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The next major Android update from Google will be Android 12. In this track, Google has released the first Developer Preview for Android 12 which is available for Pixel devices. You can install Android 12 Developer Preview on Pixel Devices by a simple method. There are still many Android devices in the market that are waiting for their Android 11 update and we are moving ahead with the Android 12 developer preview.

First thing first, what would Google going to call Android 12? For this, Google has abandoned naming its Android version on deserts From the Android 10 update. The last Android with a desert name was Android Pie or Android 9. Android 12 in developer preview is tagged as Android S (Snow Cake) but after the release, the version will be simple Android 12 as we have seen in the case of Android 10 and 11.

Android 12 Release roadmap

Android 12 Timeline

As Google always releases a roadmap for the Android release, the same we have with Android 12. As per the roadmap, we can expect a stable version of Android 12 in Q4 of 2021, along with the latest Pixel device.

These are some important features that are going to be there in the upcoming Android 12 version.

  1. New UI: AS we know after every two consecutive UI, Google revamps the UI to give it a nice touch and feel. The same is with Android 12. One of the biggest new features of Android 12 is the UI changes in the Android settings. Right on the homepage, the search bar has been redesigned; now featuring rounded corners and the profile picture has shifted outside the search box.
    Change in Notification shade can be seen in the update. It is now more transparent, and there appears to be more space between the notification sections
  2. New privacy features: Google has added toggles to disable cameras and mute microphones entirely in the Android 12 privacy settings.
    Android 12 Privacy Featuires
    This is similar to Location services, as you have a full hold on your location services, now same is with camera and microphone. You can completely disable this service for the app. This feature is not available to everyone right now.
  3. Scrolling screenshots: After so many years, Google has finally, introduced scrolling screenshots as a native feature of Android.
  4. Double-tap: This feature is exclusive to Pixel devices. This feature will enable you to double-tap on the back of the device to perform quick actions such as waking up the Google Assistant, opening the Notification center, opening a particular app or a setting, etc. If this can be modified that would be great. We might see some experiments with feature on custom skins such as MIUI, ONEUI, etc.

These are some important features that might may the Android 12 bundled with great useful enhancements. Though it is still a developer preview, we may see some new features been added and older ones being removed as the development progresses.

As of now, the Android 12 Developer Preview 1 is out for the below devices —

  • Pixel 5
  • Pixel 4a 5G
  • Pixel 4a
  • Pixel 4
  • Pixel 4 XL
  • Pixel 3a
  • Pixel 3a XL
  • Pixel 3
  • Pixel 3 XL

You can follow the guide here to install the Android 12 developer preview on your Pixel device.

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