How to Record Google Meet

Google meet is a free online video conferencing tool that is used for conducting several online meetings with employees. During this COIVID outbreak, online video conferencing site receives major attention due to Work from home nature. Recording an online video conference will fulfill training and quality purposes moreover, students can have a recorded lecture or tutorials which they can watch later and understand the concept again.

There are a few limitations to recording Google Meet. Google Meet recordings can only be made by people within the same organization, or by a teacher using Google Meet as a classroom. In addition to this, the recording is usually, restricted to G-Suite Enterprise members.

You can use any browser to record Google Meet. And as said you just need 2 steps to start your recording. But before that get signed in and connect to a Google Meet using a link or credentials given to you.


How to record a Google Meet

  1. Click on the three dots on the Right Bottom Corner of the screen, next to the present now option. and click Record Meeting
  2. You will get a dialog box to ask for the consent of the present, Click ASK, and if the meeting host agrees to the request your recording will start.

These are some small steps that you can use to record Google Meet. 

To find the recorded Google Meet, go to the meeting organizer's Google Drive and look for the "Meet Recordings" folder.


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