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HTC patents foldable clamshell smartphone design

The patent was filed on WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) & in August 2020 it was published. The patent shows not only the device but how the company plans the folding mechanism. The display would adapt as the device is folded, explains the patent, continuing to show information even when it was shut. That's as you would expect, and no other particularly surprising components are mentioned in the documentation.

Notably, having the display on the outside, it allows for the screen to cover both the rear and the front when folded. This is somewhat similar in design when compared to Huawei Mate X and Mate Xs that also have the display on the outside when folded. While this may look attractive, it also means that the flexible display has a higher chance of being damaged when being carried around. The patent documents also heavily focus on the hinge mechanism of the device rather than the device itself.

The CEO of HTC plans for their mobile business to grow profitable by 2025. Well, if that's the case then HTC will have to go full-in. What does that mean? Well, as you know currently the smartphone market is in three categories: Budget Phones, Mid-Range, And Flagships. Chinese companies have left no place free in the budget and mid-range market. Whereas, for the flagship, there are now multiple tech giants producing excellent products like Samsung.

As with any patent application though, it's worth remembering that these filings only show us what manufacturers are thinking about and experimenting with – there's no guarantee that these products will ever see the light of day. The documents regarding HTC’s first foldable smartphone is still in the early stages so it is also unknown whether the company is actually working on such a handset, or if it is just covering all bases. Regardless, HTC is planning on making a comeback in the smartphone market, so having an innovative high-end product might serve to bring back attention to its branding again.



However, they have been hibernating for some years now. Finally, there is good news for the fans. HTC has filed a patent for a foldable smartphone and they might make a come-back to the smartphone market soon enough. A foldable phone is more secure when it is folded inwards rather than outwards. And hence HTC is going to take special pre-cautions here. However, the device will look much cleaner as well as eye-catching.  The patent gives us a good idea of how the company plans the folding mechanism. The patent clearly shows a bold visible mechanism area that looks solid.

However, it might be best for HTC to re-launch with the new trending products like this foldable. As you know, one of the popular foldable phones are from Huawei called the Mate X series. But since now they do not have permission to use Google services and operate in the US, HTC can take it as an opportunity. What are your opinions about HTC’s come-back? Let us know in the comments section below.

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