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As of India is trying to launch its first self-reliant, indigenous games and developers where basically the Indian will develop & launch the gaming apps globally. Users have grown to love Android for the plethora of features and customization options, but sometimes it can all get a bit confusing. 

Android is the most popular computing platform in the world, due in large part to its powerful open-source nature. So, Gizmeek had decided to list out the Top 5 Android Games apps of the week. Users will get this list every Sunday from now onwards. We simply termed it as “GAMES OF THE WEEK”. Our main ideology for this is to list out the best user-friendly, interesting, addictive, lesser boring, & overcoming the confusion from the pool of games apps. This is more like finding a shell from the deep ocean. 

Here is the list of apps: 

1. Drive Ahead - Fun car battles
2. Stack Colors
3. Trivia Crack
4. Bounce masters
5. Pixel Gun 3D: FPS Shooter & Battle Royale

1. Drive Ahead! - Fun car battles

Collect over 300 elegant race motors to dominate increasingly more risky battlefields. We have off-road vehicles, rubbish trucks, tanks, stunt cars, and more. Some of the rides are out of this world, like the ghost pirate ship, the electric-powered reindeer or the Mini-T-Rex with an actual gun. You can construct your auto struggle crew alternatively you want. Then group up with buddies in crews. Level-up and power-up to take on different groups and horrific Bosses.

Features of the app are: 

  • The Battle Arena is the place where racing champions are trained! Take on your friends in quick 2 player fights.
  • Team up with guild mates in teams. Smash other teams on the leaderboards and lead your team to victory in co-op racing challenges.
  • Take a roadtrip to face adventure and crash into adversaries. Improve and perfect your skills controlling these cartoony cars.
  • Share your high scores and most hilarious moments with our active video community. Get your clip featured in our community hub and become a trending driver.
  • Check out daily stunts, there’s new quests to complete every day
  • There’s a new universe out there in Rift Riders Boss fights that are updated weekly
  • How long can you reign in King of The Hill against an endless flow of opponents before you are defeated?
  • Explore exotic stylized Mission Stadiums for amazing rewards, while avoiding hazards like robots, aliens and penguins. Seriously, the penguins are the most dangerous.

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2. Stack Colors

Move and stack the right color platforms and finally kick them to get a huge score boost in a satisfying way. This recreation is absolutely the nice of head-to-head opponents - hit your buddy in the head with a stunt riding automobile to score. We warranty loopy multiplayer motorsport enjoyable with friends. It's time to get in the back of the wheel and turn out to be a Master Car Gladiator! This may also be an informal game, however, it has lots of content material to liberate and recreation modes to master.

Features of the app are: 

  • Daily Question: Get free rewards every day

  • Guess & Grab: Get as close as possible to the right answer and get amazing prizes

  • Missions: Complete tasks and win coins

  • Pick-a-Prize: Be careful! If you pick the wrong token you'll lose everything you got.

  • Piggy Bank: Every correct answer in Classic mode fills it!

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3. Trivia Crack


Step up your quiz recreation by means of answering enjoyable minutiae questions. Love video games with friends? Challenge pals and households in this trivialities game! Prove you are the smartest now not solely by using answering minutiae questions, however by way of suggesting multiple-choice questions in this Genius test.
Features of the app are: 
  • Spin the wheel: We’ll quiz you on one of our six categories. Answer correctly so you don't miss your turn.
  • Fill the Crown gauge: Get a character by landing the wheel on the Crown section, or answer three questions correctly.
  • Collect the characters: Win them by answering three questions correctly or challenging your opponent to a duel to snatch one of theirs! Get all six characters to win the match.

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4. Bounce masters


Launch a penguin as a long way as you can. Fly fast, soar high, brilliantly break out boundaries in all locations. Upgrade your penguin to come to be the high-quality on the leaderboard.

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5.  Pixel Gun 3D: FPS Shooter & Battle Royale


Pixel Gun 3D is an exciting first-person multiplayer shooter. Download the sport and experience blocky graphics, aggressive gameplay. Unite with friends, get your clan to the pinnacle divisions, and experience treasured prizes. Update and customize your Fort to withstand PvE Sieges and create an effective tank to raid different Clans’ forts.

Features of the app are: 

  • 800+ weapons, 40 useful gadgets, and tools, 10 various game modes
  • 10 exciting mini-games, 100+ beautiful maps rotating during the year
  • Zombie-survival campaign

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