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As of India is trying to launch its first self-reliant, indigenous games and developers where basically the Indian will develop & launch the gaming apps globally. Users have grown to love Android for the plethora of features and customization options, but sometimes it can all get a bit confusing. 

Android is the most popular computing platform in the world, due in large part to its powerful open-source nature. So, Gizmeek had decided to list out the Top 5 Android Games apps of the week. Users will get this list every Sunday from now onwards. We simply termed it as “GAMES OF THE WEEK”. Our main ideology for this is to list out the best user-friendly, interesting, addictive, lesser boring, & overcome the confusion from the pool of games apps. This is more like finding a shell from the deep ocean. 

Here is the list of apps: 


1. Brain It On - Physics Puzzles
2. Chain Reaction
3. Mazes & More
4. WWE
5. Chess

1. Brain It On - Physics Puzzles

Deceptively difficult physics puzzles for your brain. Draw shapes to clear up difficult physics puzzles. They're now not as handy as they look. Care to supply one a try. All the tiers can be unlocked for free with the aid of incomes stars in preceding levels. You can usually locate dozens of new gamers created free tiers every day on the neighborhood screen. You can additionally buy the sport to eliminate all ads, free up all hints, release stages early, and liberate the degree editor. 

Features of the app are: 

  • All the levels can be unlocked for free by earning stars in previous levels.

  • You can always find dozens of new player-created free levels each day on the community screen.

  • You can also purchase the game to remove all ads, unlock all hints, unlock levels early, and unlock the level editor.

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2. Chain Reaction

The goal of Chain Reaction is to take manipulate the board by means of getting rid of your opponents' orbs. Players take it in turns to region their orbs in a cell. Once a smartphone has reached the necessary mass the orbs explode into the surrounding cells including more orb and claiming the phone for the player. A participant might also solely vicinity their orbs in a clean smartphone or a cellphone that carries orbs of their personal color. As quickly as a participant loses all their orbs they are out of the game. 

Features of the app are: 

  • The game features both HD modes for larger (Pad) screens and the regular mode for all devices.
  • Each player can customize the color & sounds of their orbs. A player can also turn tactile feedback (vibration) on and off.
  • I hope you have as much fun playing this as I have coded it.

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3. Mazes & More

Mazes & More is a basic puzzle game, ideal for taking a speedy spoil to instruct your brain. It’s designed to be a pretty easy solo sport performed with the aid of swiping or tapping via enjoyable 2D retro labyrinths. Play a rapid game, task yourself with 450 labyrinths and grow to be the king of the maze.
Features of the app are:
  • User-selected avatars: Customize your player by choosing from 11 new characters that can replace the default Dot icon.

  • In-game navigation: allows you to customize with tap or swipe on-screen controls.

  • Custom Path Colors: optimized color options for a custom navigational path.

  • Level Skip: option to skip any level if you get stuck

  • Easy to play, forget about awkward tilt controls. Better than using a marker

  • All mazes are handcrafted for maximum fun, all games are winnable.

  • 6 categories: Classic, Enemies, Ice Floor, Darkness, Traps, and Time Trial.

  • Puzzles range from easy mazes to much harder and advanced labyrinths.

  • Minimal and retro 2D graphics, forget about complicated 3D mazes.

  • OFFLINE MODE: no wifi required to play.

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4. WWE

In addition, get the present-day WWE news, bulletins, and results, and get behind-the-scenes get admission to your preferred WWE Superstars and Legends. Download the WWE app to get the right of entry to WWE Network and circulate EVERY LIVE PAY-PER-VIEW and lots of hours of video on demand.

 Features of the app are: 

• Every WWE, WCW, and ECW pay-per-view in history
• Exclusive weekly in-ring shows
• Original series and documentaries
• Every episode of Raw, SmackDown, and NXT

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5. Chess

AI Factory's Chess is the fine free Chess sport on Android. For years it has been pinnacle ranked amongst the 600+ chess apps listed! Its high-quality tutor makes it terrific for each growing Chess Strategy and enhancing your chess skills. 

Features of the app are: 

  • Casual and Pro modes. Learn on Casual and progress to Pro.
  • Chess Tutor. This powerful option shows a recommended piece to move, excellent for developing chess strategy and avoiding simple mistakes.
  • Analyze move. Perform deeper analysis on your move.
  • “Show CPU Thinking” option for level 3+. Allows the user to see what the AI is considering.
  • Achievements and Leaderboards! Uses your Google Play Games account.
  • Provides ELO Rating based on your results against CPU in Pro Mode.
  • Review game mode. Step through your game
  • Load/Save game files & PGN Export
  • Designed for both Tablet and Phone, supporting Landscape mode for all Tablets and many Phones too.
  • 2 player hot-seat and online. Play against your friends
  • Chess Stats, Timers, Hints, and Handicaps
  • Choose between a large selection of 2D and 3D boards and piece sets
  • Uses Treebeard Chess engine (as used in Microsoft's MSN Chess). This has a unique "human-like" style. 

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