Google Chrome will Block some 'INSECURE' Downloads Soon


  • Feb 08,2022
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Internet security has been a great concern. Companies like Google, Microsoft were always working hard to us secure while we are online. In this sequence, Google has released a roadmap for warning users about "insecure" downloads. These are a range of file extensions that will be considered as insecure to download.

In a blog post, Google says that it will eventually block insecure download from secure websites i.e. HTTPS. This file includes, .exe, .apk, some document and media files. (BLOG)

"Insecurely-downloaded files are a risk to users' security and privacy. For instance, insecurely-downloaded programs can be swapped out for malware by attackers, and eavesdroppers can read users' insecurely-downloaded bank statements. To address these risks, we plan to eventually remove support for insecure downloads in Chrome."

Moreover, Google has displayed the roadmap in pictorial form for better understanding. This picture information conveys how and when Chrome will start to warn and then block downloads.

Block Downloads Google Chrome

It's being said that by September, Google will start to warn to various files and eventually block them from Chrome 86 which is due to launch in October 2020. This goes the same with Chrome for Android as stated.

"Chrome will delay the rollout for Android and iOS users by one release, starting warnings in Chrome 83. Mobile platforms have better native protection against malicious files, and this delay will give developers a head-start towards updating their sites before impacting mobile users."

We don't think that this will make you completely safe but you can have a surety that whatever you are downloading is free from Malware. 

Right now there is a chrome flag for secure downloads. This might be a step of bringing that functionality to daily use.

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