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Chrome Android app gets new built-in screenshot tool

Mountain View giant continues to add more features to its mobile browser for Android to improve user experience and app functionality. After adding the grid-view and tab grouping feature to Chrome on

Google Chrome will be optimized and Consume less RAM

Some reports suggest that Google is working on PartitionAlloc-everywhere for Google Chrome. This will improve the performance of the browser and enhance the user experience. The PartitonAlloc-every

Best Google Chrome Shortcut Keys

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers, despite the fact that it consumes more than sufficient RAM resources. Being handy and easy to use is what makes it more user friendly. It works s

Fraud Google Chrome update, hackers attacks on bank account

Google Chrome is undoubtedly amongst the leading browser software available around the globe. With billions of active users, it has a huge user base. We all know that updating apps and software is imp

Nearly 80 Chrome extensions caught spying

Almost daily get a new report of a leak or breach of data of various users which risk the privacy of users this time, More than 100 malicious and fake Google Chrome browser extensions have amasse

Google Chrome will Block some 'INSECURE' Downloads Soon

Internet security has been a great concern. Companies like Google, Microsoft were always working

Top Chrome Flags You Should Enable to Boost Your Browsing

Chrome seems laggy to most of the people. This can be due to low PC specifications such as RAM, Processor, Storage option, etc. But we can not do anything to overcome this. Instead what if we take mos