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  • Apr 08,2022
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Facebook is one of the popular social media platforms. There are almost billions of users on Facebook and millions are active right now.

We know that User Experience is everything in present hence, Facebook always keeps on improving the user experience for their users. In this trend, Facebook has first improved his Application experience by constantly making changes to design and feel. And Facebook has introduced a whole new design format to the Facebook web.

Facebook web dark theme

Facebook web dark theme

In Facebook Web you get a feel of Web Application just we can have in any Windows application (if you have used one), they have introduced two theme options, one is Light theme and another one is Dark theme. I personally prefer a dark theme, but the light theme is still capable of giving you a premium feel. In short, both the themes look and feel premium, you will surely going to have a better feel while surfing through your feeds.

For enabling the new theme, Facebook will prompt you for the same on your feed or wall. After that, you can choose between light and dark themes.

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