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Easiest Way for Copying Large Number of Files

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  • Jun 27,2024
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Copy files are easy tasks in Windows if you know the shortcuts. Just hit them and boom you are good to go. But sometimes you might face situations where there is a large number of files which you are trying to move or make a copy from one place to other. In this case, there are various problems that you can face and will reduce the copying speeds.

Windows copy or move files at the maximum speeds when the number of files is less and size are large. For example, if you have two tasks, one having 2000 files with a total size of 1GB and the other task having 2 files with a total size of 1GB. In case two or task you will observe higher copying or moving speeds.

So, how to make copying speeds faster in case of the higher number of files with relatively lower size.

There are various ways which you can try out to improve your copying speeds.

1. Compressing the Files into a ZIP

This is the best method to copy and move a large number of files. Just use the Windows default ZIP creation tool and cluster all the files into one single file and copy it wherever you want. You will get the maximum speeds that are being supported by your hardware.

To make a ZIP file, select all the files that you want to copy and Right Click and go to "Send To" and select Compressed Folder.

After completion Copy the Zip file to your required destination.

2. Change your Hardware

In case you need an overall faster file exploring speed then you should upgrade from Hard Disk to Solid State Drive. SSD is meant to provide better performance and speeds as compared to HDD. You can see this guide on SSD that will help you know better about them.

SSD Guide

Moving from HDD to SSD will provide much better speed to your system. Your system's boot speed, application opening speeds will be increased manifolds.

3. Using Third-Party Software such as Tera Copy

Tera Copy

Third-party software is always good at handling many files at a time, they won't let your system freeze while copying a large number of files. Tera Copy is one of the most popular File copiers, that will seamlessly move your files from one place to another with optimal speeds.

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